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CONFIDENCE was born from the remnants of ideas, songs and bands which never really got to spread their wings. When they started things off in a studio somewhere in Sweden, they didn't know what would come out of it, but they had a vision of making something passionate, true and beautiful. 

They had all seen the decay or the Rock and Metal scene, the repetition of well-tried concepts and song-writing. Endless repetition, one album after another with a plastic soul-less sound and the somewhat peculiar idea that if you sound exactly like the bands that actually made it, there would be a golden record deal and fame in return.

With this in mind, they started to create their music and sound, trying to capture the emotion and feelings of each concept that came to them. Lyrics and vocals were written with the sole intention to enhance the concept and emotion of the songs, and music was written to enhance the vocals and lyrics. When recording, takes were selected because they said something, not because they were perfectly performed. 

It took them almost 3 years, members came and members left, but now they finally are ready for the world. It is a new world we live in, the old world of record companies, album releases and CD's are dying. Internet has effectively worn down the old dinosaurs in the music industry, it's time to embrace the new technology instead of trying to get the old days back. 

This is the reason why CONFIDENCE will not release their material on a traditional label or on physical media. Instead, they will use the digital channels that exists today. And why release a full length album where half of the songs are poorly produced because of the very slim budget todays record companies can offer, when you can release songs whenever you want, when they are done, through digital channels? 

As with their music, they will go their own way as it comes to releasing songs. Each digital release will contain four or five songs, with at least two releases a year. Their fans will always be able to enjoy new and fresh CONFIDENCE songs.


Confidence Seeds

Nail me Down



Collective Prespective



The Walking Man






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Produced and engineered
@www.surroundworks.net by Clas Sjöstrand.

Mixed @The Hideout by Kevin Churko

All songs written and recorded by Clas Sjöstrand, Emil Kyrk and Per-Owe "Ewo" Solvelius

Backing vocals on the recordings are done by Robin Sörqvist
Additional vocals on "The Walking Man" done by Rebecca Martinsson

Release date: November 23, 2012


Confidence Prelude

Flesh and Skin



War Torn Skies



Never Meant To Be



Poison Lies



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Produced, engineered and mixed
@www.surroundworks.net by Clas Sjöstrand.

All songs written and recorded by Clas Sjöstrand, Emil Kyrk and Per-Owe "Ewo" Solvelius

Backing vocals on the recordings are done by Robin Sörqvist Drums on "Never Meant To Be" are done by Claes Sundström.

Release date: May 23, 2012


  Confidence Seeds Confidence Prelude


Nail Me Down:

Never Meant To Be:

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