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25/06/2012 - Interview @ Via Nocturna

Hi! Thank you for accept answered to Via Nocturna. Can you tell us when do you decided to create Confidence and why?

Everyone in CONFIDENCE has been playing in different bands and projects for many years, but we felt we wanted to create something new and different. So like three years back we decided to try to write some music together. The general idea was to do something different from what we had been doing up until then. We all had our base in the 70's and 80's rock and metal scene and we wanted to take those influences to a new level.

Confidence has a music very focuses in emotion. It was your objective since the beginning?

Yes indeed it was. When you look at the modern day rock and metal scene it have all merged into this mainstream, polished and lifeless grey mass.  I strongly feel that much of the soul is gone from the scene, it's just standard rock and metal stuff all over and over again in a slightly different shape each time. We wanted to do something else, so when we write music, we always try to enhance the concept of the song. Everything from the arrangement of the instruments to vocals and lyrics are made to suite the story or feeling the song is trying to deliver to the listener. This is what CONFIDENCE is truly about.

You have a different approach to the musical industry. It's the new technology era or the lack of confidence in labels that make you walk by yourself?

To be frank I think the whole industry sucks. Big time. From the start it was forged in a way to maximize profit while giving as little as possible to the actual artist or songwriter making all the hard work. Of course major bands and artist have gotten filthy rich too, but it's still a small part of what the labels have been earning.

Internet came and totally rearranged the play-field for the music industry. Now music became more or less free through illegal downloads. And what did the industry do? They used their influence to put new laws in place making it easier to catch the "pirates" in an attempt to increase their dwindling CD sales.

The answer to you question is that while we probably could have landed a record deal, there is nothing to gain for us, besides giving away our money. Labels are making money on selling CD:s, but the CD format is dying. The labels and distribution companies are also going out of business one after another because they are trying to make business as if internet doesn't exist.

Perhaps CONFIDENCE will sign a deal sometime, but it will have to be a pretty good deal for us to accept it.

As you said, we can expect your songs as they are complete, right?

Yes! We have started recording the songs already, so you won't have to wait very long for more CONFIDENCE stuff.

So, Prelude, is the first pack of songs that you put available to the fans and listeners. How do you would describe these four songs?

I could probably write an essay or a book just describing these four songs. They all have a true story behind them, or reference to the world we live in today. For me it's very important that the lyrics have real substance, too much on the rock and metal scene is about sex, drugs and rock n' roll or dragons or fantasy adventures in a quite shallow manner.

I have tried to give an explanation to each song through YouTube videos:

Flesh and Skin

War Torn Skies

Never Meant To Be

Poison Lies

In the end it's up to the listener to make his or hers own interpretation of the message in these songs. So read the lyrics!

With this philosophy, we can expect no musical boundaries in your music! I mean, the next pack of songs could be completely different from these ones?

Yes indeed, the next four or five songs can be completely different from what you hear on Prelude. We are however a rock / metal band so all our material is within those boundaries at least. The thing is that we don't know ourselves exactly how the next songs will turn out or how they will sound. When we write music everything mutates and grows over time, it is not until we actually make the final recording and production that we know what sound the song will have, or how it will turn out.

It's all an effect of our philosophy that all parts on our music shall enhance the concept or story behind the song. When you change something, it affects other instruments and sounds, so you have to change something else and so on.

In the end it's we as musicians who will form the red line in CONFIDENCE. There are already anything prepared?

We have literally tons of material, but right now we are putting the pieces together for the next release, but you have to wait a little more before it will see the light of day.

But, acting like this, it doesn´t affect you in questions like being on tour?

Well, when we play live you can of course expect to hear Prelude. But then you can also expect to hear completely new material as well, that might be a part of our next release, or some other upcoming release. We play what we have at the moment. If you look at shows from the late 60's and 70's there was much more improvisation in the setlist and in the songs themselves. We kinda like this approach, people will come to see us play, and play for them we will.

In question of promotion of this digital release, what Confidence has been done?

Promotion nowadays is about being heard in the information chaos on Internet. So our promotion is mostly focusing on social media, but we are also present promotion-wise on various festivals this summer, so keep an eye out for the CONFIDENCE and METAL REVELATION logos.

To finish, there is anything you want to say to our readers?

I would like to thank the whole rock and metal community for being the most loyal and best fans in the world today. Rock and Metal music survives decade after decade thanks to all the people that are passionate about the bands on the scene.

Go and buy Prelude on iTunes or whatever digital distribution you prefer today! It's cheap and you support our work! And keep an eye out for CONFIDENCE gigs in your local area, we will come for you!



Thank you, once again.

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